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☘ 9/13/04 | ☉ 6/22/21

after years of dreaming, one july night, i impulsively decided that i was going to make and code an entire website. equiped with zero knowledge of html and w3schools, i set off on my journey, and the rover lodge was born..!

hi! im mason! or toby! doesnt matter! im some very sleepy guy in this world... im not very good at talking about myself, nor do i find it very enjoyable. i find it much easier and fun to write very indepth character analysis of shadow the hedgehog or lay out the entirety of fnaf lore to someone complete with graphics, even just talking about bugs for a while. im an artist and amateur photographer, i hold a few things very dear to my heart like nature, my friends, music and art, etc. i find the smaller beauties of the world much more freeing to enjoy than the larger materialistic ones, though i do enjoy collecting webkinz! nostalgia is also something i hold very dear as well as nature, experiences so personal to someones childhood is something integral to me, and i love being able to share those experiences with people who hold i similar familiarity of the same thing. thats part of why i love the old web so much and im glad im able to share that love now because i was stubborn enough to learn html!

this site is sort of being treated as an extention of myself in a way. an piece of my essence. everything you see here is a reflection of my innermost soul, and i hope the conflicting aesthetic of this page compared to everything else here is very indicative of that. i love how webpages on neocities are so commonly projects of self expression like that, the messier the aesthetic, the more authentic it feels, i think. everyone living their truest self is messy, and i think thats beautiful, in a weird kind of way. this site doesnt have much of a defined purpose, rather than just being a canvas for me to put whatever i like here without the stress of having to finish something. hobbies are fun like that... enjoy your stay!

im not super active on social media! not my kinda thing its kinda lame
i mostly just use twitter to post art and pinterest to collect pretty pictures for my ocs



zoology, entomology, webkinz, paranormal science, folklore + traditions, args + analog horror, teratology, forestry, medical history, furbies


abba, lemon demon, harley poe, mook, days n daze, chad hates george, the taxpayers, insane clown posse, will wood


gravity falls, x-files, invader zim, futurama, wild kratts, the owl house, mob psycho 100, beastars


sonic the hedgehog, psychonauts, five nights at freddys, team fortress 2, animal crossing, pokemon


creepypasta, marble hornets, spiderverse + venom, moomins, sam and max